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Null Object Pattern in Laravel There are many times when we take for granted the relations in our database or some fields in an external API, CSV file or other data source. And in such situations, we often receive some kind of NullPointerException. Laravel with its convenient ORM, might bring us in such troubles unless…

art make:request CreatePartsRequest

Description of the problem Dealing with forms/requests on the web is one of the toughest problems to solve in the modern web, and as developers, we always seek ways to handle it in a more elegant way. But for education purposes most of the tutorials, we read/watch online, teach us how to deal with only simple requests. So…

code coverage report with phpunit

Recently we finished a green field project written in php with laravel as a framework, that was carried out under the Test Driven Development methodology right from the start. Test Driven Development is the preferred way for building high quality and scalable software. The biggest benefit is the ability to change the requirements and implementation and having…

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