Low-Code vs No-Code App Development

These terms are simply used to refer to tools that allow anyone to create AI applications without having to write technical code. AI can be useful for people who don’t have the technical skills needed to write code or the free time to learn them. No-code/low-code solutions usually work in two ways. Here’s what Low-Code vs No-Code app development is.

What is low-code?

Low code is a rapid application development (RAD) approach. It enables automated code generation through visual building blocks, such as drag-and-drop interfaces and drop-down menus. Low-code is a balance between manual coding and no code. Аs its users can still add code on top of the automatically generated code. Examples of applications of low-code are Business process management, website and mobile app development, tools for different departments. Low-code development offers a simple and more accessible way for non-technical users to create applications without requiring extensive coding.

What is no-code?

Developing without code means you can deliver your web or mobile app to customers faster. It doesn’t require any coding knowledge to take on code-free app development. Making a great solution for businesses that need to use a non-technical, in-house talent for web and mobile app projects. No-code is also a RAD approach and is often seen as a subset of the plug-and-play modular. The no-code approach is completely free, relying 100% on visual tools. Examples of applications suitable for no-code development include business user self-service applications, dashboards, mobile and web applications, content management platforms, and data pipeline builders.


How do you decide which option is best for you? There are many similarities between the two, but it’s important to consider some small differences as well. In low-code web and mobile app development, you may need basic coding skills – or access to someone with those skills. In no-code development, it allows people with zero coding skills to use development to build and run apps. Either code will help you build apps quickly and easily to reach customers fast.