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5 Things To Do When Social Media Crashes Down

Yesterday, one of the longest crash downs of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp continued for nearly 7 hours. A plethora of businesses and individuals rely on these means of communication, for some it was a needed break but for the most, it was a panic login every 5 seconds! We get it, we did it as well, nevertheless, here are a few useful recommendations for the next social media blackout.

1. Clean your inbox

It is high time you got rid of the zillions of pointless emails in your inbox. If you regularly postpone the “housekeeping” task regarding your mail inbox, there is no better chunk of time than a social media gone wild. It is not such a fun pastime, but it is utterly necessary!

2. Make plans

If lately, you have been constantly complaining about the lack of time, sit down and focus on making plans now. They might be a business plan, future holiday, or even daily tasks organization, however, the sense of making things back in order will definitely boost your motivation levels. Go a little further and call somebody, instead of relying on social media!

3. Research a topic of interest

For a long time now, you have wanted to learn more about a subject or two, so utilize the time of social media absence with researching a topic of your choice. Many news websites were still up and running, as well as Twitter and some other forums, thus, hop on and start reading!

4. Get your business organized ASAP

There are a lot of mundane tasks that a business often requires. With so many much-needed but boring tasks, it is the right time to get things going. Make a list of the tasks that are absolutely mandatory and start checking them one by one. At the end of the day, there is a huge satisfaction hiding behind the sorting out of the most boring tasks in the world!

5. Lazy day!

If any of the above sounds a little too over the top for you, do not worry, a social media blackout is the perfect time to get back to your inner world, unwind and watch a TV series (or two). Start painting or knitting, it is finally the time of your life that you can utilize however your laziness wants it.

Are we ready for the next social media crash? With these recommendations, we might say so! Next time this happens, do not forget to relax and think of a better way of connecting to your outer and inner world of yours. Till the next blackout, friends!

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