We are top notch development team with focus on web and mobile development.

We handle from fast Start-up sprints to internal enterprise projects.

About us

Donatix is a web and mobile application development company helping you create software for you to share with the world. We specialize in custom app building for the web and mobile,  technology consulting , UI and UX design.

We are a friendly group that values good humor, remote work and making the world a better place.


Our motto is where technology meets success and you are the center of it. We believe in what we develop and treat it as a piece of art that’s why low quality and mediocre does not exists in our vocabulary.

Work Proccess

Creating mobile or web app is a serious endeavor , that’s why we break the process into clearly defined steps. Our experienced project managers would guide you through and let you feel in control of what is delivered

"...it is always important to create value for our customers, and Donatix share the same passion as well."

Bilyana Vasileva – Specialist Digital Marketing and CRM Bulgaria, Bayer
We had a very complex process that we were willing to optimize and in the beginning we thought it would be a very challenging task for any development company to fully comprehend it. But the Donatix team has a very efficient and transparent workflow. Their fast reaction and willingness to understand the ever-changing business are admirable. For us it is always important to create value for our customers, and Donatix share the same passion as well.

"The workflow and the development were on a very high level.."

Georgi Parvanov – CEO, Gobox Ltd
We needed a sophisticated app development for one of our advertising campaigns and Donatix was recommended to our agency. Although, we didn’t know anything about the company at first, their professional work style was quickly introduced. The workflow and the development were on a very high level and Donatix were quite responsive to our emergency requests. In the end, our campaign was a success and I would recommend for sure working with Donatix.

"..successful collaboration.. professionalism and responsibility.."

Miroslava Vladova – Manager Business Development, Advance
The successful collaboration with Donatix gives us permission to high vote for the  provided quality, fulfilled deadlines for the tasks and professionalism and responsibility of the company team

"The biggest benefit .. is the immediate availability and the fast adaptation"

Simeon Petrov – Web Consultant
I've worked with Donatix on many web projects, mostly Wordpress based websites and web services. We've made some integrations on existing third websites as well. The biggest benefit from working with Donatix is the immediate availability and the fast adaptation with the projects that, as always, have very short deadlines I highly recommend working with Donatix because now days, and especially in the "web world", everything is based on low time/quality ratio, and Donatix nails it.