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Case Studies

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Case Study

Digital Platform Development for An EdTech Company💡

Pass aimed to modernize the traditional hall pass system, creating a digital platform to enhance safety and streamline student management. The initial MVP was simple, but scaling it to support millions of users required a fundamental rethinking of its performance, user experience, and cost-efficiency.

Case Study

WordPress Development for an Electric Appliances Company 💡

The client is an electric appliances company that is active in several business areas: from air conditioning products to Lighting Systems. Their marketing department needed support with the development of websites for several new products in their portfolio.

Case Study

Digtial Wardrobe Mobile App💡

La Koketa is an iOS app that solves the What to wear? problem by giving outfit ideas based on user prefs thanks to its unique matching algorithm. The app has been existing for years, but the client wanted to do a major update with brand new design and new functionalities to reposition and accelerate the product, address the changing needs of the target and put it ahead of the competition.

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Case Study

App Development for Derma Care Company💡

The client is one of the leaders in the derma-care industry. They needed to hire a technical partner to help us with mobile and web development for promotional campaigns of one of their brands.

Case Study

Mobile app development for a Fintech Robo-advisory company💡

Cocoa Invest is an online robo-advisory service from Denmark that enables young professionals easily to invest and manage their money. It is a competitive industry and having a mobile app that allows their customers to easily access their investments was crucial.

Case Study

Design and Web Dev for Sports Activities Booking Platform 💡

The client is a sports Start-up that handles the problem of finding different sports activities in their area and booking classes from one place.

Case Study

Sales and Promotions Managing System and Mobile app for a leading Pharma company💡

The company is one of the leaders in the pharma sector. Their OTC department needed web system to easily define, communicate and manage promotions with their sales force.

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