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Digital Wardrobe Mobile App

La Koketa is an iOS app that solves the What to wear? problem by giving outfit ideas based on user prefs thanks to its unique matching algorithm.


— Mobile App Development

The app has been existing for years, but the client wanted to do a major update with brand new design and new functionalities to reposition and accelerate the product, address the changing needs of the target and put it ahead of the competition. La Koketa team was initially looking for a vendor to help out with Back-end development: the brain behind the app. After a round of talks, they decided to assign mobile app development to Donatix as well in order to facilitate better communication.


— Donatix took over development from another company and did initial analysis and refactoring of old code.

— Donatix implemented clothes matching algorithm that gives the user a personalized infinite set of outfits based on user preferences for colours, brands and styles by combining a large number of affiliate clothes with items from the user’s personal wardrobe.

— We’ve also integrated the backend platform with the ShopStyle affiliate database in order to have a broader choice of clothes for the endless Home Feed with outfit recommendations.

— The signature feature of the application “What to Wear?” gives the user outfit ideas that show how new clothes could fit best in her wardrobe before making a purchase.

—There is also an item editor that provides background removal of the clothes’ images and image recognition implemented in C with the help of ImageMagick.


“Donatix delivered an app that fulfilled our requirements and launched successfully.”

“We were greatly impressed by their proactivity. They were quick to propose actionable solutions to user flow problems, feature improvements, and backend tweaks.”

Gergana, Co-Founder

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