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Apps for lazy people in 2020

As the 10th of August is an international lazy day, it is pretty reasonable to write about it today. Most of us were lazy even before the COVID-19 situation, however, the rate of laziness even among the most strong-willed skyrocketed. With apps helping us in almost every aspect of our lives, laziness is not omitted. Here is a handful of apps that may handle your procrastination symptoms.

1) Mindly

Available on WebApple, and Android for free

With this app, you can gain over the control of your brain in a more three-dimensional way than a to-do list. Through the app, you create an infinite number of circles and interconnected ideas. You can edit these bubbles by changing their colors or even adding emojis.

2) Zero Willpower

Available on Apple for $1.99 

Are you checking your phone for one minute and then it magically transforms into a 3-hour social media frenzy? If you identify yourself in this sentence, check this app out. With this website blocker, you can cut off a few of the worst time eaters like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Set timers to limit your social media freeze to a few minutes or hours!

3) 1-3-5 List

Available on any browser including a Google Chrome extension for free

If you are more of a list person, opt for this app. 1-3-5 List will help you prioritize: you choose one big thing, three medium things, and 5 little things to accomplish every day, and check them off as you the day goes by.

4) Simple Habit

Available on Apple and Android for free (options with a paid subscription, too)

Anxiety is taking over pretty often, huh?

Meditation helps you center your thoughts, calm down, and stop that self-fulfilling cycle of procrastination, anxiety, and more procrastination. With Simple Habit, 5, 10 & 20-minute duration options provide the perfect option for overscheduled people or those who feel a little bit weird about meditation. 

5) Decider

Available on iOS and Android (free and paid)

Too many options in your mind, that you give up the choice process. These apps are here to help you. Apps for lazy people like Decide Now! on iOS, available in Lite and $0.99 versions, and The Decider on Android let you ask questions and give possible answers. Spin a virtual wheel for the answer and enjoy it! 

6) Momentum

Available on Chrome for free

Momentum encourages you to start each day with an intention. This desktop extension lets you set a daily goal that appears on your homepage, set against inspirational backgrounds of scenic views. Once you do finish your goal, you get a “Way to go!” in return. 

7) PomoDoneApp

Available on Web, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android for free

The Pomodoro Technique is a productivity system that helps you take the right number of breaks while still getting your work done. Moreover, it breaks up your day into 25-minute focus sessions followed by five-minute breaks. It’s the perfect length of time for soaking up knowledge and getting things done without burning out. Instead of timing yourself, here is an app to help you out!

Every once in awhile, it’s amazing to be lazy! Nevertheless, when tasks conquer your peaceful times, procrastination is an enemy rather than a friend. If you have an idea that will help you in your daily life choices or you are a fan of apps for lazy people, don’t hesitate to develop it with us! Once again, be lazy today it’s a holiday after all!

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