Donatix Named a Top Web & App Developer in Bulgaria!

We are glad to announce out of 95 chosen web developers in Bulgaria, Donatix has been listed as the 5th best company to work with on Clutch. Clutch is an online rating and review website with the intentions of linking businesses searching for partnerships together. Through a comprehensive analysis of previous clients’ experiences, testimonials, and market presence, Clutch creates company profiles that can be scored and ranked appropriately. In addition to being listed as a top web developer, Donatix has acquired a position as a market leader on Clutch’s leadership matrix, and was named a top app developer in Bulgaria to boot!

Here at Donatix, we specialize in custom app building. The mood around our office tends to have some humour flowing through the air because we prefer a laid back, but productive environment to work in. To us, each project is its own masterpiece, and we are willing to go above and beyond to provide that level of service to all of our customers! As app development is no easy task, the Donatix team breaks up each project into sections to be completed in order to maximize efficiency and quality of work.

We have a vested interest in our customers’ experience, which is one of the many reasons we decided to start working with Clutch. The feedback provided by our previous clients is a major source of what drives innovation throughout our business. We have tremendous gratitude for those clients who took the time to interview with Clutch analysts in order to provide us with the criticism we need to adapt. Here’s what a few clients had to say:

“Donatix’s approach was, in large part, why we managed to finish the project on time and have a successful launch.”

“They really respect their clients and look towards building long-term relationships.”

After partnering with Clutch, Donatix has been able to better identify areas in need of improvement as well as where we tend to have more success. As our relationship develops, we hope to acquire more customers and reach even greater heights in the Clutch rankings!