Four Reasons to Join Donatix

Looking for a cool workplace in the IT industry that would give you some space to evolve? Joining Donatix could be a good choice then. We don’t like to brag, but here are four reasons that may convince you to consider joining our team.

#1 Our work is serious, we are not 😉

Donatix was founded by a group of friends who wanted to escape the corporate rat race.  We don’t confide to enterprise rules and you won’t find a typical hierarchical company structure. Our team managed to divide responsibilities and accountability among each other while remaining quite open, flat and friendly. You don’t need to report to 2 managers and a Vice President. We value each other as peers and remain super approachable.

#2 Possibility for flexible and remote work.

We are a strong proponent of the idea that team-work beats distance.  Although we are not a fully remote company yet, we allow and encourage people to take some days remote.

Several pieces of research show that days spent outside of the office could lead to increased efficiency productivity and lower stress levels at the same time.  Who are we claim otherwise?

# 3 Strong emphasis on knowledge-sharing and development.

We know that being a developer is sexy, but a hard job. There are constantly new technologies, tools and things to learn.  We strive to become better developers ourselves. Our CTO organizes developer meetings every week, where knowledge on specific topics is shared or problem areas are discussed. We also encourage attending different types of events and conferences.

At the same time, we also value transparency and what you have to say. We have to admit that we are young and not perfect so we would be happy to hear your ideas on how to do things better in our business.

# 4 Social care and team events.

Break a leg! Seriously, we got you covered in our company healthcare plan. We also believe an “ A” team is built as much as outside the office as inside. We organise regular team outings and company retreats at the seaside.

Got you hooked?  Do you master PHP (Laravel)  or Vue.js or both?  Drop us a line or check our open positions.