The future of Retail: Apps

As of 2020, a lot of retail businesses decided to invest in fortifying their online presence with the development of apps, which allowed customers to shop their way out of the quarantine blues. The global COVID-19 situation also caused a major closure of actual shopping venues and household names such as Zara, Victoria’s Secret, GAP, Forever 21, and so on. During the global lockdown, a big proportion of the people went overboard with their online shopping sprees, furthermore, apps more often than not introduced discounts that lured everybody into diving deep into their pockets. Shipping, availability of sizes, and customers’ feedback with photo proofs are features overpowering even the best shopping experiences. With people of all ages spending 90% more time online, don’t you think apps or retail websites are the future of the fashion industry? If you are not convinced yet, consider the following app advantages.

Build customer loyalty

There are many online tools that can ease your way into creating engagement, however, apps offer easy alternatives that will definitely elevate your performance. For instance, push notifications are a great way to grab customers’ attention and to introduce discounts or new collections. Nowadays, you don’t need to limit yourself to text notification only, make use of interactive images and messages that transform the look of your call-to-action strategy. Another great benefit is the easy use of customer support, mainly because the interaction via mobile devices is largely preferred by the public. Would you rather chat/call on the computer or on the device that you are holding in your hand? Sales support is of massive importance to a lot of people, who would like to ask questions without the hassle of having an uncomfortable face to face interaction.

Smart budgeting

Going entirely online saves you more often than not money and time. Cutting on your cost for advertising materials and actual store monthly bills can directly affect your budgeting, thus reinvesting this extra cash into areas you consider crucial for your business. Also, counting on an app sheds more light on customers’ timely feedback. Delving into immediate comments can help you fix substantial problems without even investing time and energy to hire specialists in evaluating what user experience you are providing.

Dive into the future

With new technologies arising every single day, don’t limit your imagination! For instance, the beloved question in a hasty morning- “What to wear?” can be immediately dogged by the use of an outfit generating app. Check out our work on the La Koketa app, which offers you exactly this amazing insight into the future of wardrobes. Moreover, tracking services a much-preferred feature, which allows the customer to locate their packages worldwide from the comfort of their homes. Nevertheless, this is helpful for business owners too. This innovative logistics feature diminishes the risk of package misplacing and lost.

To recap, the mobile revolution is more evident now than ever before the global pandemic. Retail shops suffered immensely, especially those counting only on their physical existence. But let us be not as dismal because app development is a process that can be done entirely online, thus allowing you to remold your business remotely. Give a chance to online retail and expand your horizons in a wake of a crisis.