The big “B” in business: BRAINSTORMING

Whether you are an already established business or a budding start-up, generating ideas should be a part and parcel of your company’s strategy for the future. However, always finding new sources of information and immersing yourself in the actual process of thinking may become a mundane routine, which without the introduction of innovation will for sure harm your business in the long-run.  Here comes the brainstorming universe, full of a wide variety of techniques that will definitely thought-provoke you. Although experts nowadays state that there are infinitely many types of brainstorming, they all share 5 fundamental things in common.

1. It is wonderful for teambuilding

First and foremost, workshops and teambuilding act as the glue in an organization, so by engaging people from your staff or different departments to work together is a great way of making sure that connection is built among your co-workers. Moreover, brainstorming urges everybody to participate, thus often there are no leaders, and all techniques advocate equality between the team members. Also, by this mass participation, you can discover somebody’s hidden traits or talents you were not familiar with prior to the brainstorming session.

2. It is something out of your comfort zone

There is a famous quote circulating online, which highlights the idea that your comfort zone will kill you. Eventually, this might be the case for many companies which do not dare to experiment and try out techniques to stand out in a mediocre business field. Be open-minded for new opportunities to enhance your growth. Of course, making mistakes and learning from them is an integral part of your company’s development path.

3. It includes all types of views

Don’t be prejudiced and try out absolutely every viewpoint, so as to avoid making the mistake of observing from your only owner’s perspective. Ask as many questions as you can think of and don’t be afraid of the great diversity of answers you will encounter. Analyze and research everything you gather as final feedback and information to help you with finding the right choices for your new business venture!

4. It requires taking notes

Often the brainstorming process can wreak havoc on your peaceful office environment and the chaos will take over in many cases. In such a creative environment is almost inevitable to miss out on something, so you’d better write on a whiteboard, sticky notes, personal notebook or use a mind map and even audio/video recorder.

5. It is important to stay focused on the topic

As I mentioned, the existence of artistic chaos is part of the technique, but it can be a double-edged sword, so you have to take some control measures for sure. Stay out of divergence and try to make everybody think in the same direction, just encourage them to do it with their own pace and creative approach.

Even though this is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s not an easy task to organize and navigate the whole process of brainstorming only by yourself. Thus, our company Innowave will be more than happy to help you out with trendy and fresh organizational ideas and even lead the whole event for you!