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Tips for improving your mental health as a developer

According to the International Journal of Humanities Social Science Invention, software developers have significantly the highest rate of anxiety in comparison to their colleagues who are performing mechanical or other tasks. Software engineering isn’t always a walk in the park. More often than not you are faced with tight deadlines and adjusting to remote work. Moreover, the velocity of the tech industry is so omnipresent and demanding, that is highly impossible not to get burnout due to the overflow of information. Mental health during a pandemic is something adding to the boiling pot for a developer as well, thus by tweaking just a few things in your daily routine you can either feel better or even prevent a forthcoming burnout.

Here are 4 ways that will help maintain or improve your mental health as a developer

1# Get some fresh air

When your work is strongly related to a sedentary lifestyle and a computer (or two), forgetting the outside world can be really easy. Spending hours and hours on a dead-end in front of the screen will not get you enough fresh air for sure. Thus, open your windows more often or take a brisk walk outside without looking at any screens! You can step up the game with an outdoor workout or hiking once a week to shake up the lungs you have forgotten about 😉

2# Listen to your thoughts

The brain is so imperfect that if you’re not careful, it can spin out of control and cause more harm than good. Impostor syndrome is a typical example of this. Capture the negative thoughts and try to substitute them with positive thoughts. It is easier said than done, but you’ll get better as you practice. On the other hand, some of us need to not think about things from time to time, so meditation can help you put things into perspective and arrive at the current moment rather than being swept away by thought.

3# Cut down on your coffee

That is especially valid for coffee-loving programmers. WE know that your job is demanding and it requires long hours of concentration! Nevertheless, the 4th cup of coffee will not give you the magic push that you really need. Learn how to balance and do not forget to sleep and rest when you need to.

4# Connect with your colleagues

Here, at Donatix, we are strong advocates for relations building and having an amicable ambiance. We believe that by building a better-connected team will definitely result in the formation of a base that will aid everyone that needs to know they have someone to relate to. So, do not forget that you are not alone and socialize as much as you can. Someone can have the same obstacles as you and will be willing to lend you a hand!

Good mental health is as important as good physical health. Getting enough sleep, exercising, practicing gratitude, and routinely doing things you enjoy will go a long way. Combined, these tips should be a rock-solid defense against the anxiety and stress that might threaten the mental health of a software developer.

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