What is a Growth Mindset and how it influences your Business

When it comes to marketplace, whether local or global, one thing is evident competitiveness is taking over. Thus, companies seek after ways of staying up-to-date and maintaining their market share. Often they implement new ideas and techniques to enhance their growth potential, however they miss on one very basic step at the very beginning. As simple as it may sound, what lies behind a successful business is closely connected to the psychological understanding of growth and fixed mindset.

First of all what is the difference between growth and fixed mindset?
Both are the basic mindsets that shape our life, however they differentiate immensely. On one hand static minded individuals stick on their beliefs and want to appear intelligent, although they don’t poses the knowledge they are pretending to advocate so fiercely. Naturally, they fear change and are not keen on learning new things. On the other hand, growth mindsets are characterized by eagerness to learn from mistakes and they count on the persistence of development processes in their lives.

How it can help your business?
They were first developed as an idea by the Stanford University’s Professor,Carol Dweck, whose research targeted the educational process in modern schools. Nevertheless, both mindsets find their numerous ways in the business world today. Growth mindset can help you thrive in the long-run and here is how:

  1. It builds a business culture
    When you define the core values of your business venture, you build a set of rules and goals everyone should follow. However, by inspiring others to live and work by the growth mindset pattern, employees at your company will feel more committed to their work solely because they are aware of the fact that they can grow, learn and thrive.
  2. It enables you to spot inspiration anywhere
    Even in the most desperate times, the perception of better tomorrow will definitely haunt you, thus enabling you to search for answers everywhere and in everyone. By brainstorming, teamwork and open-mindness you will definitely work your way up to finding a sensible explanation to solve your current problems.
  3. It is an Innovation booster
    Obviously, by maintaining positive attitude to the exploration of new ideas your company is bound to score high on the innovation scale. Moreover, it is a well known fact that innovation is the secret behind a prolonged success in business and it is the one thing that discerns a start-up and a thriving business venture.
  4. It improves sales and customer relations
    When you start implementing the growth mindset concept within the borders of your company, in no time this will positively affect the outer world too. Your current and future customers will automatically sense the positive attitude of your employees and your inspirational leadership, consequently this will lead to the expansion of your business empire!

All in all, the implementation of this mindset is up to the top-level management and the leaders of the company. The promotion of continual learning and the acceptance of mistakes is not an easy task on a personal level, let alone in the business field, nevertheless the positive outcome in the end is the thing that is worth fighting for.