5 things to say to your Web Designer before the start of a project

Nothing, in our opinion, is more exhilarating than embarking on a new project. You get to hear excellent ideas and collaborate with highly skilled individuals. Every project is undoubtedly an intriguing endeavor, but some things should be highlighted even before the whole design process starts. Thus, let us discover the right way of communicating to reach your ultimate results.

1# Your Game Plan

More often than not, the whole “game plan” detail is missed even though it is the most important element of them all. It specifies who will be participating in the project, as well as any constraints or limitations, as well as the project’s end deliverables. If you require different elements from different professionals, it is vital to mention this to your web designer, so that everyone can be in sync. Moreover, the time that needs to be dedicated to the project is essential. Having a clear perception of the time it will take to reach the end result is a definite must!

2# The market that your project will serve

The design is what you are here for sure, however, without the right designation and functionalities you will not get far. Thus, we want it to represent your complete company because a great design also understands its place in the market. A good web designer can spot a need in the market for your company and help you create your branding to fill it. Having solid underlying knowledge means that you will receive a creative suite that is completely in line with your vision.

3# Your competitors

Taking a glance at the serious competition will give you an edge and assist you with understanding the overall environment better. You can go through some design projects, belonging to your competitors, along with your web designer. In this way, you can underline what you like and what you might improve in your design.

4# *OPTIONAL* If you had a previous design experience

Of course, there is immense variation in the design process of one web developer to another. However, some things are pretty easy to determine and see through. For instance, what you didn’t and what you liked about your previous project. In this way, previous mistakes and risks can be mitigated. Also, by sharing existing marketing materials the web designer can make sure that the design matches your overall brand positioning.

5# Other Design Specifications

Almost every design project comes with an inherent design brief, but sometimes everything should be built from scratch. The web designer will take the initiative to ask questions related to the logo design project, color schemes, symbols, or images to avoid and if the design will be simple or abstract. Consequently, be ready to have these things planned beforehand.


Remember that you aren’t just looking for an attractive design solution. You also need expert advice and mutual understanding. On one hand, you can get every prior element in order so that you know what you exactly desire. On the other hand, by a little audit into your vision and mission, you are going to achieve something great – TIME-SAVING. If you already have a project in mind, don’t hesitate and reach out.