6 good traits top developers have and how to be like them

There is a global shortage of developers, and many companies expect to double or triple their digital teams. However, with the persistent demand, a fledgling software developer must still be at the top of their game and stand out from the crowd in order to land their dream job. However, having strong technical skills isn’t the only essential requirement for a successful programming profession. To truly stand out, you will need a mix of traits that are required to execute the job and do it well. Here’s a rundown of some of the characteristics that make good developers, as well as how you might resemble them.

#1 Always inquisitive

You’ve probably heard or read this sentence before, but a developer is inherently curious because learning is a part of their day-to-day work development life. Technology is a component of software, and technology is constantly innovating and improving for the better. Developers will be left behind if they remain stagnant and cease learning new tools and languages.

#2 An excellent team player

There are some fantastic developers out there with the necessary technical knowledge. However, this is frequently stifled knowledge that is never shared. To upskill their team, an excellent developer shares their knowledge and best practices. When they are unable to solve a problem, they give assistance to their teammates.

#3 Communication Skills that are Outstanding

The key to a successful product is communication. Yes, coding knowledge is a requirement for software development. This is a skill that can be learned quickly. You must be willing to invest in your capacity to connect and relate to others. Communication is the glue that holds the team together in software development.

#4 Flexibility

For a variety of reasons, projects and priorities shift, and developers must be able to context-switch to focus on what’s most essential right now. Changes might be minor and transient, or substantial and permanent. If they’re only temporary, make sure you keep good notes so you can return to your usual work once things calm down. Allow time to understand what the changes mean if they are permanent.

#5 Confidence

There is never a single way to construct a system. Your ideas, no matter how wonderful they are, will be worthless if you keep them to yourself. The finest developers are self-assured in their ideas and participate in design meetings to help build the application architecture. Instead of offering a comprehensive application makeover, start with a simple recommendation to improve your confidence.

#6 Pay close attention to the smallest details

Developers who pay close attention to detail are more likely to produce high-quality code. Computers will only do what you instruct them to. It is not the responsibility of the computer if a program fails to build or if a product contains a flaw. The ability to look through corner cases and write code that will handle multiple uses makes the development process considerably easier.


Once identified, the abilities and attributes an expert software developer can end up with can be used by a few classes of people: educators, managers, and the developers themselves. While a number of those skills are innate and are very intricate, it is also possible to employ the use of outside methods such as trainings, mentoring, and personal self-adjustments.