How To Grow Your Network In LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not in the top social networking rankings like Facebook and Instagram, but it is the undisputed leader in professional networking. It makes connecting with potential clients, potential hires, and business partners in the B2B sector easier. Have you ever wondered how you can expand your professional network on LinkedIn and make sure all those new contacts are relevant to your business goals? These tips can help you expand your network and get results that can help you grow professionally.

Expand your professional network

You are probably familiar with the fact that LinkedIn can only count up to 500 when it comes to contacts. Reaching this number of users, the number 500+ is displayed in your profile. It is very important how many contacts you have. This is because a higher number of links gives your profile more reach and visibility. In addition, your profile becomes more credible to other users. However, be cautious about what people want to add to you. Add your friends or colleagues. Then, look for professionals in your field. Focus on your professional network, if that is your goal. This will open you up to potential friendships and career opportunities.

Publish more content

It’s no secret that posting content allows you to get the attention of your followers. Images increase the engagement of posts by 10 times on social media. Studies show that including a photo increases views 11 times on LinkedIn. Since content for social media is a difficult task, if you don’t have original texts or visuals to post, you can always share content that you find interesting.

Use keywords

Keywords are industry-specific terms that help you get noticed. They can include the programs and platforms you’ve worked with, and the skills you possess for your field. They are very important for the development of your account. Just as you use search engines to look for jobs, recruiters use them to find professionals. They do this by entering keywords and finding candidate profiles that contain them. If you want to be more discoverable choose your keywords carefully depending on the field you want to pursue.

Tag people

You can increase the reach of your posts by tagging people in your network. This will help people outside your network see your activity, and the more people see and engage with your content, the more developed your account will be.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Being a member of groups can be a great advantage in the reconciliation of your account. In groups, people have discussions, and exchange ideas. You can use both the search engine and your network to find relevant groups. In your profile, you will find the Interests section. It shows the profiles, pages, and companies of the people you follow. In this section, you will also find the Groups tab. Go to your contact’s profile and see which groups they are a member of. You may find a group that matches your interests.


LinkedIn is your business card: it gives an insight into your experience and some contact details. Remember that your profile needs to have something extra to stand out in a sea of profiles and make people want to connect with you. By using these tips , growing your network on LinkedIn will become more productive over time . And here are more tips for making more connections and expanding your LinkedIn network.