SEO vs SEM : The Differences

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) and search engine marketing (SEM) are the most common terms when it comes to internet marketing and online business. Both processes aim to increase search engine visibility, but let’s look at each one separately to clarify the differences between them.

What is SEO

SEO or also called Search Engine Optimization is defined as a strategy for a good result placement, which is displayed by an internet search engine in its search results pages after a user generates a search query. The SEO-related texts are reduced to the so-called on-rage and off-rage optimization. The result of SEO leads to direct traffic to your website or blog, with the goal of obtaining a high position in the search engine results page ( Bing, Yahoo or Google).

What is SEM

This is marketing that is done through search engines, where the website owner pays to be shown on the first page of results for keywords entered by users. Hence the name SEM. The goal of SEM is to create profits from increased traffic, which also leads to sales. The ads themselves can be in the form of an online message or a banner. SEM prepares comprehensive keyword research and competitor information. To create targeted campaigns that put their products and services in front of the target audience used :

  • Gmail ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Search ads (text ads)
  • Shopping ads
  • Display ads

The differences :

  • SEO aims to improve a website’s organic search results
  • SEM uses search engines to advertise said page or business to potential Internet users.


Regardless of which of the two processes you choose, both aim to increase your website’s visibility in search engines to get more traffic to your website. To contact us, you can visit our website. To find out more about us, you can check out our Facebook page.