Laravel Framework vs Core PHP: Which one is better for your business?

Nowadays, there are a plethora of new digital products being born, even as you are reading this. With such diversity comes a great variety of tools that web developers utilize in order to build amazing platforms. As far as web development and web apps are concerned, you have plenty of choices in 2021. JavaScript, Python, Vue.js, core PHP could get the job done and bring something to the table. Moreover, Laravel is a really widely used framework that can be quite competitive to the already established programming languages. Consequently, the logical question is which one to choose? In the following article, we will investigate which one is better for your business interest: Laravel Framework vs Core PHP.

But first…

Before the battle of Laravel framework vs Core PHP, what is the difference between Core PHP and PHP Frameworks?

Core PHP is the name of pure PHP language that is used to build web pages. When using Core PHP, web developers don’t rely on any external libraries and, for instance, write an app’s code from zero. On the other hand, things change when web developers rely on PHP Frameworks for building web solutions. With PHP Frameworks web developers still use PHP but utilize other helping tools as well. Some examples are:

  • tools for debugging and code fixing
  • architectural patterns to separate an app’s business logic from the presentation layer
  • tools to automate recurring actions, and much more

Laravel Framework pros

Laravel is already mature

Although Laravel is a relatively new technology it has already reached a mature status. Laravel has a massive presence in the web development industry. It has emerged as the most powerful development platform over the last few years. Moreover, the advanced features for developing modern applications and websites are truly revolutionary. While it is growing very rapidly as the most favored choice among web developers, Laravel already hosts more than a million sites (although the live sites are nearly 500k).

Laravel is beginner-friendly

Laravel has a shallow learning curve as many steps are pre-set and automated. With this framework, even a beginner can professionally formulate and modify their app’s code. Of course, web developers need time to learn the framework’s tools and how to configure them.

Speed of Laravel

Laravel has a layered structure, therefore, code lines will be executed a bit slower. As to the development speed, Laravel offers a strong set of debugging tools. Thus, web developers can build viable code with minimum critical errors.

Core PHP pros

PHP is still the king of the web

Some people were quick to declare it “dead” in the presence of cooler web application languages around the block like Node.js and Python. This false urban legend stems from the fact that 10 -15 years ago the original PHP version was slow, had a bad design, and many security flaws. However, things have improved dramatically since then. Nowadays PHP 7 is a modern technology that powers 80% of the web in one form or another and is much faster at runtime than competitors like Python.

Core PHP is for pro players

It allows programmers to script their codes in their own style. As a result, the same functionality can be built in different ways, depending on a developer’s knowledge and understanding. However, once a web developer is an expert in Core PHP, she/he can use all PHP frameworks and create any functionality using just a Notepad.

Speed of PHP

Core PHP scripts are faster to execute on the condition that the codes are clearly and concisely written. Web developers can reuse Core PHP scripts in similar projects.


Let us recap the battle of Laravel framework vs PHP. Both Core PHP and Laravel frameworks are built to develop websites and web applications. However, the frameworks will simplify the development process and reduce the work required in creating wonderful applications.

Core PHP works great for simple solutions that can be built from ground zero. However, this approach will hardly suit junior developers. Yet it’s a long-term investment in their own education as Core PHP is the basis for every PHP Framework that follows. Another great Core PHP feature is that it’s very flexible. This translates to the possibility of churning out interesting and innovative projects.

When it comes to Laravel, it is a trustworthy tool that can build powerful, effective, and reliable solutions. With Laravel, web developers can build web apps of any size and complexity. The main reason why people love Laravel is that it is easy to code, and you get other benefits like documentation support and a reliable database.

Even if you haven’t made up your mind for a programming language, our team will lend a hand in the process. Don’t hesitate and contact us now!