Mac vs. Windows: Which OS Is The Best For You?

Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether at work or at home. For this reason, choosing the right computer for you is always difficult. The two main operating systems are Windows, provided by Microsoft, and Mac, provided by Apple. You need to know some things before deciding on the operating system of your computer. Let’s look at the main features, advantages and disadvantages of both systems.

Key features of Mac and Windows.


The design of the two systems is a significant difference between Apple and Microsoft products. Apple is very particular about making its products look good. They focus on all the details, even the internal components. While with Windows computers, it is not quite the same , as they are not created by a single manufacturer. Businesses care about the utility factor more than the beautiful design.


If we have to compare the two models – MAC computers are more expensive than PCs. Here comes the question of whether we care more about the external design. And as far as design is concerned – Macs have a beautiful design and function well. Windows computers are comparatively lower priced than their competition. Of course, some high-end Windows PC models cost almost as much as a MacBook Air (or even more). Both operating systems are suitable for excellent IT equipment, but here comes the question of whether we also care about the design of the model.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications offered by Mac and Windows computers are, in turn, quite different. Although both types have similar internals (processors, RAM, hard drives, video cards), the speed and capacity of these components vary. Windows 8.1 and Apple’s operating system, and OS look completely different. The Windows interface is a tile from which users can access news, photos, contacts, or the ability to browse the Windows Store among other options. Mac OS has a cleaner interface. At the most basic level, there’s a desktop, a dock to access all your favorite apps, and a taskbar at the top of the screen. From a technical standpoint, Macs outperform Windows computers because Apple’s product lines typically feature more expensive and higher-quality parts. 


Both Mac and Windows operating systems have their strengths and weaknesses. The decision of which one to use depends solely on the user’s technical skills and security requirements. As Apple gets better at offering high-tech and powerful devices, while Microsoft diversifies its hardware collection to bring Windows 10 to more and more devices. Ultimately, the user chooses the platform that is most familiar and user-friendly. Drop us a line for a quick consultation