What Are The 3 Commonly Used Operating Systems?

There are many operating systems. These operating systems run your phone, computer or other mobile devices. Whether you are a casual user of computers and phones or someone who is deeply involved in IT, knowing the types of applications and systems will help you maintain security and user access.The three most common operating systems are Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s macOS, and Linux.

Microsoft’s Windows

Price: $119 – $199 (Pro)

Windows is the most popular and well-known operating system. The OS was first introduced in 1985 as an adaptation of MS-DOS to respond to the growing interest in the graphical user interface popularized by Macintosh. This operating system offered the first 16-bit software. From Windows 95 to Windows 10, the operating software used has fueled computer systems around the world. Easy to use, resumes, and starts operations quickly. New versions have more built-in security to protect your data.


  • Robust user interface that helps for easier navigation, with start menu on the left
  • The Task View feature allows users to switch between multiple workspaces simultaneously, displaying the entire open Windows.
  • Two separate user interfaces, one for mouse and keyboard, and a “Tablet Mode” designed for touch screens.
  • Multi-factor authentication technology for higher security such as BIN, PIN, fingerprint recognition and more.

Windows software is suitable for applications, browsing, personal use, gaming, etc. Its security system is advanced, the user interface allows convenient use regardless of the device you use it on.

Apple’s macOS

Price: Free for Apple devices.

Mac OS is an operating system that is based on the graphical user interface. The operating system was developed by Apple. This OS resembles Windows in functionality with the difference that most applications are paid and the system is usually limited to Apple devices. Also, some games and applications are not available for Mac OS.

  • Dark mode , giving a more dramatic look that is easier on the eyes.
  • Dynamic Desktop which helps to automatically organize desktop files by type, date or label.
  • Continuity Camera that scans or photographs a document near your iPhone and automatically appears on your Mac.
  • iTunes, which lets users search for songs with few lyrics.

The Mac’s greatest achievement is the sleek look and design of its interface. It is one of the best looking OS today. Apple allows its users to avail this OS and all its upgrades for free and this has eased a great burden from Apple users.


Price: Free

Linux is the third most used operating system. It differs from Windows and Apple in that it is not proprietary software, but rather a family of open source systems. That is, anyone can modify and distribute it. Linux has a good structure and similar design and functionality to Windows. A big plus is that it is free to use. Linux is a generic name referring to all operating systems that are based on the Linux kernel and system tools as well as libraries from the GNU project. If you know how to customize and work with operating systems, Linux is an ideal choice.


If you’re looking for personal use like gaming and browsing, then Windows is perfect for you. If you have an Apple device, you have no other option but to use MAC OS. For business, there is the option of Linux and UNIX based OS. Choose the best operating system that suits your needs and comfort.