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Graphic Design Trends To Watch In 2022

Outdoor advertising remains one of the most effective channels for advertising and brand communication. For the success of advertising, the design of the vision is of great importance. It makes contact with the audience. Trends in graphic design are constantly changing. Therefore it is important to be aware of all the changes occurring. This year is almost at an end. On the other hand, trends in the design world that are completely changing the digital world are leaving a lasting mark. In this article, we will introduce you to the top trends for 2022 that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

#1 3D Characters

3D design and animation have a wide range of applications, and brands often find applications for this design in their promotional materials and branding. A huge advantage of this visualization is that 3D animation can bring more ordinary life products. Often, the design elements appear to come to life, allowing users to get a full view of the product, service, or idea.

#2 Mixed 3D and 2D Elements

Creative Break Illustration by tubik.arts

The 3D design images show the boundary between the real and the digital world. Often designers mix 3D and 2D hand-drawn elements and showcase a mix of two- and three-dimensional imagery. It exudes the authenticity of 2D illustrations and the realism of 3D images. The flexibility of this mix makes it suitable for web and illustration, animation, and print. The fusion of the two elements is the basis for creating characters and personas that tell brand stories across all formats.

#3 Glass and Crystals

As you know 2021 gold design was among the preferred for designers. This year it remains on the back burner. Crystal and glass take the lead. The realistic 3D design combines pearls, crystals, and fine transparent glass in amazing shapes and transparent colors. The characteristic of the background of this design is transparency, resembling frosted glass. The application of the trend is particularly suitable for outdoor advertising of luxury goods.

#4 Candy Colors

Creating, websites and apps that will stand out from the crowd make the creative work of designers a huge ordeal. Different and unique things hold the user’s attention. And what is the way to do it? Colors – that’s right. Designers who are familiar with color theory can attest to the importance of spectacular, memorable colors. This year is marked under the sign of candy colors. Rounded shapes and colors have a positive effect, as circles often suggest lightness due to the lack of angles.

#5 Nostalgia

Many of the trends characteristic of the 1990s are back in full force today. Having recently been romanticized in the Netflix series Fear Street. This particular trend is based on nostalgia, an idealized look-back. We’re convinced that whenever your design project calls for a sense of comfort with a whiff of old-fashioned cool, you associate the design with the 90s.

#6 Anti-Design

The anti-design gained popularity in the past year but continues to gain more and more popularity. This design rejects standard design principles. Interweaving of colors and unusual font is typical for this design. It challenges asymmetry, clashing colors, and cluttered elements.

#7 Experimenting with fonts


The trend of freewheeling font, which emerged last year, continues this year. It is characteristic to distort the overall look of the font- size, shape, the color of the letters, uppercase between lowercase and vice versa, distorted. A combination of different fonts is needed to break up the tidiness and give an individual look. The messages of your advertisement are differentiated and emphasized not only meaningfully but also visually. Sypher fonts are back.


Graphic design is constantly changing. Trends come and go over the years, new technologies emerge and design styles either adapt or disappear completely. If you want to stay on top of new trends in graphic design and branding, you need to know which trends are on the rise and which ones you should avoid. Don’t miss our blog posts. Contact us in case you want us to implement your ideas.

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